Professional Remote Home or Office Evaluations

Our remote home or office evaluation is designed for anyone who desires a comfortable workstation, whether at home or in the office! Our video assessments offer a targeted, comprehensive approach to assure correct ergonomics wherever you work. Intended for prevention of injury, early discomfort resolution and non-industrial medical conditions.

  • Remote Work Survey

    Take our easy and insightful online Work@Home survey so we can target your specific concerns during your coaching session.

  • One: One Coaching

    We work with you in a one: one video coaching session to target your critical concerns while providing quick fix solutions you can use right away.

  • Ergonomics Report

    Our remote evaluation includes a summary report of findings and recommendations in an easy to implement format addressing no-cost, low cost and essential products needed.

Four options to assist you with your remote consultation requests.

Our expert remote home or office ergonomic evaluation is designed to help you set up your optimal home office setup for comfort and productivity. Whether you need a new chair or have multiple devices to arrange, we will help solve your ergonomics problems with practical solutions within your budget. Select the evaluation that best matches your needs. Each service includes a report of recommendations and actions targeting your specific concerns.

Follow the Five Steps to Prepare for your Remote Evaluation

Our participatory approach to remote office evaluations ensures you will get the results you need.

    1. Step 1: Schedule your remote ergonomic evaluation with the Ergonomist

    2. Step 2: Give permission to use photographs and video

    3. Step 3: Complete your preliminary self-assessment survey of your work area

    4. Step 4: Preparing for your remote evaluation: measures and photos

    1. Play the Game! Help set up Jessie with a comfortable ergonomic workstation and safe work habits. Allow one minute for program download.

    2. Bonus: Home and Office Ergonomics Guide

    3. Bonus: Stand-Up Guide for sit to stand desk use

    4. Planning on buying a chair, desk or other accessories? Download our 2022 Ultimate Buyer's Guide

    5. Bonus: Stretch-Time Brochure for Stretching and Self-Care

    1. Step 5: We Value Your Experience With Us. Complete Your Remote Evaluation Satisfaction Survey

About this course

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Experience and Reliability You Can Count On

Alison Heller-Ono is an industry leader in the ergonomics marketplace. From ergonomics process design and management, to injury prevention, workers' compensation and disability management, to home office set up. For over 27 years, we have been serving our clients with trusted advice and consultation.

  • Valuable employer resource for money saving tips

  • Ergonomics program and services demonstrated ROI

  • Assistance with ergonomic product selection

  • Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp)

  • Mentor, coach and teacher to burgeoning ergonomics professionals nationwide

  • Board Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) and veteran Physical Therapist

Apply What You Learn Immediately!

After your evaluation or training, put into action ergonomic concepts and practices!

Use our new game to help set up Jessie correctly and make sure she practices safe work behaviors! You'll score big when you play the game with Jessie!
Jessie at her workstation

People Value Our professional Work@Home or Office

Remote Ergonomics Coaching and Consultations


Theresa. M., Quality Nurse Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

Thank you for your service! Alison was amazing and an absolute Subject Matter Expert. As a Quality Nurse Consultant, I know quality when I see it and my remote evaluation was QUALITY! Alison provided care and understanding with excellent customer service.

Immediate Difference!

Doug K., Business Development Manager

The chair fitting consultation was very professional and easy to complete. I suffer from unique back and neck issue which are only compounded by working on a computer. After dealing for years with a home office chair that was not conducive to a comfortable work position, Alison Heller-Ono was able to evaluate my situation and recommend the right chair. I had no idea how much difference the right chair could make. Thank you so much!

Confident and Comfortable!

Raquel A., Call Center Service Admin, Kaiser Permanente

I appreciate that Alison is very knowledgeable and was able to answer and address my concerns. The online training program and video consultation provided me the necessary information I needed to setup my desk properly. I now feel confident that I am setup ergonomically and will be able to work safer in my environment.

Brainstorming Solutions!

Victoria P., SDC K/1Teacher, SGUSD

Alison is very knowledgeable. I described my pain, issues and concerns. Based upon my pictures/descriptions of my office space and my discomfort, we were able to brainstorm together to come up with practical solutions to help me work remotely.

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