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We invite National and International Ergonomics Experts to speak during the WINetwork Membership Program's Office Hours once a month, just for you!

  • Robin Nagel, MS, CDMS

  • Ian Noy, PhD, CPE, Canada

  • Dr. Ashley Williams PT, DPT

  • Sara Pazell, CPE, Australia

  • Hillevi Hemphälä, PhD, Ergonomist, Sweden

  • Lucy Hart, CPE, Canada

  • And many more to come

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WINetwork Office Hours is our Monthly Ergonomics Lecture Series

Every month, we line up a national or international expert to speak to the WINetwork members during our live Office Hours meeting on the 4th Thursday of every month. We cover the latest topics and trends in occupational ergonomics while giving students a forum for lively discussion and knowledge share. Attend live or watch the recording in the WINetwork Resource Library.

  • Office ergonomic trends

  • Macro ergonomic systems

  • New AI, wearable, and software technology

  • Latest research in occupational ergonomics and workplace trends

  • Student interest topics, case studies and more.

  • An opportunity to try new forms, tools and meet members from all over the globe

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    1. Zoom Meeting Login Information for WINetwork Office Hours for 2022

    1. January 27, 2022 Ian Noy, Past President of International Ergonomics Association

    2. February 24, 2022 Office Hours with Daliya Wiens, Soter Analytics

    3. March 24, 2022 Office Hours with Sara Pazell, ViVA Health at Work (Australian Ergo Expert)

    4. April 28, 2022 Office Hours with Ron Goodman, Ergonomics Software Engineer, Creator of RSIGuard

    5. May 26, 2022 Office Hours with Dr. Ashley Williams, PT, DPT, ATP/SMS, CASp

    6. June 23, 2022 Office Hours with Ian Chong, CPE

    7. July 28, 2022 Office Hours with Robin Nagel, MS, CDMS

    8. August 25, 2022 Office Hours with Leslie Pickett, PT, CPE

    9. September 22, 2022, Office Hours with Mark Heidebrecht, MSE, ACSM-EP, CHFP

    10. October 20, 2022 Office Hours with Andy Imada, Macroergonomist

    11. November 17, 2022 Office Hours with Shanna Dunbar, Total Worker Health Expert

    1. January 21, 2021 Office Hours- Open Session

    2. February 25, 2021 Office Hours with Jeanne Iverson-Keyboard and Mouse Usability

    3. March 25, 2021 Office Hours with Zephyr-TEC Speech Recognition Programs

    4. April 22, 2021 Office Hours with Melissa Afterman-Microscope Ergonomics

    5. May 27, 2021 Office Hours with Brightday Posture AI Software

    6. June 24,2021 Office Hours with WINetwork Members: Student Case Studies

    7. July 22, 2021 Office Hours with WINetwork Members: Focus on Organizational Chair Standards

    8. August 26, 2021 Office Hours with WINetwork Members: Rapid Office Self Assessment (ROSA)

    9. September 23, 2021 Office Hours with WINetwork Members: Manual Material Handling and Back Safety

    10. October 28, 2021 Office Hours with Lucy Hart, WELL AP

    11. November 18, 2021 Office Hours with WINetwork Members: Vision and Lighting with Hillevi Hemphälä

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WINetwork Office Hours

On the 4th Thursday of every month at 11:00am-12:15pm PST, WINetwork members gather virtually to discuss the latest ergonomics trends, listen to a global ergonomics leader present their research or timely topic and more. Join us monthly for continuing education on a relevant ergonomics topic. Ask questions, learn, and grow!

Office Hours are hosted on Zoom. Watch the replay if you can't make the live member meeting. Professionals interested in ergonomics but not enrolled in our certificate courses are welcome to join the WINetwork.  Your first-year membership is included in your Professional course enrollment (CEPL, COESp, CASp, CRESp); and when you renew your certificate and license annually. 

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Join the WINetwork!

Join the WINetwork membership program. Our unique continuing education program is full of value and ongoing education in unique and timely ergonomics topics. Pay as you go.

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