This is the one course all employers should be providing for remote employees.

Reduce discomfort; assure home office safe work practices.

  • Understand why ergonomics is essential to identify your risks when working from home.

  • Identify the five steps you should take right now to set up your home office workstation with good ergonomics even when you don't have all the right equipment.

  • Create quick fixes and hacks at no cost by using what you have at home to create a more comfortable work environment.

  • Practice mindfulness at home through the workday, including safe work practices and self-care.

Work@Home Ergonomics Training

Access to our learning portal offers practical advice, quick fixes, hacks and strategies every Work@Home person can use immediately.

    1. How to use this course portal

    2. Finish the entire course for your Certificate of Completion

    1. First, download your workbook to follow along with the training. Create your action plan!

    2. Work@Home Ergonomics Introduction

    3. Work@Home Lesson 1

    4. Work@Home Lesson 2

    5. Work@Home Lesson 3

    6. Work@Home Lesson 4

    7. Work@Home Conclusion

    8. Activity: Help set up Jessie with a comfortable ergonomic workstation and safe work habits (allow up to one minute for game download)

    9. Activity: Do's and Don'ts for Safe Work Practices

    10. Office Ergonomics Quiz

    1. Home and Office Ergonomics Guide

    2. 5 Steps to Setting Up Your Workstation: Your "Road Map"

    3. Download our 2022 Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Home and Office Ergonomic Furniture and Accessories

    4. Stretch-Time Brochure for Stretching and Self-Care

    5. Request a Home Office Coaching or Evaluation Session

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About this course

  • $79.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Make Ergonomics a Household Word!

Our Work@Home Ergonomics program has all you need to transform your home office into a productivity center.

  • Comprehensive Video Training

    Our pre-recorded 40 minute Work@Home Ergonomics training gives you all you need to know about setting up your home office workstation with good ergonomics.

  • Employee Job Aids

    A variety of job aids are included in the course from our home office survival guide to our safe work practice kit.

  • Quick Fixes and Hacks

    No cost and low cost quick fixes and hacks to transform your workstation to a comfortable and productive work environment.

Apply What You Learn Immediately!

After your evaluation or training, put into action ergonomic concepts and practices!

Use our new game to help set up Jessie correctly and make sure she practices safe work behaviors! You'll score big when you play the game with Jessie!
Jessie at her workstation

Prefer a Live Virtual Seminar?

Our Work@Home Ergonomics seminar is perfect for a one-time virtual training!

Our live, virtual seminar sends just the right message to employees who have had to quickly transition to work@home. Our 60-minute training is delivered online in an interactive, highly engaging way which will have all participants immediately changing the way they work at home. Our starting price includes enrollment for 40 employees. Larger sessions are available, see below for details.
work@home ergonomics

Set Up Your Home Office for Comfort and Productivity

Don't work at home for eight hours a day at your ill-fitting workstation and chair. Learn the principles of workstation ergonomics from a professional ergonomist and apply them at home. today.

People Value our Work@Home and Office

Remote Evaluation and Consultation Services

Immediate Difference!

Doug K., Business Development Manager

The chair fitting consultation was very professional and easy to complete. I suffer from unique back and neck issue which are only compounded by working on a computer. After dealing for years with a home office chair that was not conducive to a comfortable work position, Alison Heller-Ono was able to evaluate my situation and recommend several chairs to address my needs. Upon selecting one of her recommendations, I immediately noticed a difference in my comfort levels especially after long periods of using the chair. I had no idea how much difference the right chair could make, thank you so much!

Confident and Comfortable!

Raquel Abed

I appreciate that Alison is very knowledgeable and was able to answer and address my concerns. The online training program and video consultation provided me the necessary information I needed to setup my desk properly. I now feel confident that I am setup ergonomically and will be able to work safer in my environment.

WORK@HOME Ergonomics for One or More Employees

Whether you have one employee working from home or many, select the program that is right for your organization. Organize a one-time, live virtual seminar for your employees or purchase a one year license for access to our learning portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after if I want to purchase a bundle of seats in the learning portal? ?

    We will send you a custom web link you can distribute to employees to enroll for free as you have already paid for enrollment for them. You can also provide your employee names and emails to us and we can pre-enroll them for easy access.

  • Can I customize my training and purchase as many seats as I need?

    Yes, we can customize your training by branding it with your logo and setting up your own link directly to your custom training. You can purchase as many seats as you need. Contact to set up your custom training components.

  • Is the training delivered just one time only or as a webinar?

    Our Work@Home Ergonomics Training is pre-recorded for our learning portal and provides access for employees to watch from home at any day and time as often as needed. The training is accessed through the Worksite International Ergonomics Training Academy. A live virtual seminar can also be added to your training package.

  • What if my employee wants a coaching or full ergonomic assessment? How does that work?

    We offer remote home office video coaching and video home office ergo analysis for those that need more assistance. It is a separate service. If you would like to request an evaluation, please visit us at