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    1. Introduction to Office Ergonomics

    2. Lesson 1: What is Ergonomics

    3. Lesson 2: Ergonomic Risk Factors and Why They Are Important

    4. Lesson 3: The Five Steps to Setting Up Your Workstation With Any Chair

    5. Lesson 4: Quick Tips, Fixes and Hacks for Home Offices and Mobile Work

    6. Lesson 5: Self-Care and Safe Work Practices for Good Ergonomic Habits

    7. Activity: Help set up Jessie with a comfortable ergonomic workstation and safe work habits (allow up to one minute for game download).

    8. Activity: Do's and Don'ts for Safe Work Practices

    9. Lesson 6: About Your Organization's Ergonomics Program

    10. Office Ergonomics Quiz

    1. Home and Office Ergonomics Guide

    2. 5 Steps to Setting Up Your Workstation: Your "Road Map"

    3. Quick_Fix Guide to Common Office Ergonomic Problems

    4. Sit to Stand Workstation Set Up and Use Guide

    5. Stretch-Time Brochure for Stretching and Self-Care

    6. For Supervisors and Managers: 10 Successful Ergonomic Strategies

    7. Request an Ergonomic Evaluation

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Set Up Your Workstation for Comfort

Office Ergonomics: Working in Comfort is a critical part of any modern office. Learn the essentials of office ergonomics and setting up your workstation.

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