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Take advantage of the ongoing value and benefits your WI Ergonomics Specialist Certificate offers. For CASp, COESp, and CRESp credential and license renewal. Failure to renew results in forfeiture of your benefits, credential, and license to use the Worksite International License of software and forms set.

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Your renewal in the WINetwork of Certified Ergonomics Specialists affords you unique benefits!

  • Maintain your Credential

    You've worked hard to earn your COESp, CASp, or CRESp! Don't lose the privilege of putting these credentials after your name. Renewing your membership allows you to use what you have earned. Plus, if you haven't quite finished your course, you have 12 more months of access.

  • WINetwork Resource Library

    No other program gives you exclusive access to national and international ergonomics experts to continue to learn and grow in the field! Your renewal gives you 12-months access to our exceptional continuing education and resource portal. Attend live or watch on-demand!

  • WISEE System of Ergonomic Evaluations

    Renewing your membership in the WINetwork ensures ongoing access and use of your WISEE license to use all the templates, tools and forms your course included. This will ensure you have the most up-to-date system as well.

Course curriculum

    1. Thank you for your renewal. To receive your updated WINetwork of Certified Ergonomics Specialists certificate, read and complete this lesson.

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You have invested considerable time and study in your endeavor to become a Certified Ergonomics Specialist. Whether you have finished, or are still working on completing your course goals, it's time to renew your membership. Stay current in all things related to your course and the ergonomics marketplace.