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Our 8-Week Online Course Framework

Will transform you into a competent and confident office ergonomics specialist

All students go through our 8-week program together. Each week, you will be introduced to new concepts and practice sessions. You will build your knowledge, problem solving abilities and assessment skills to complete an office ergonomic evaluation using our system. Ultimately becoming a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (Advanced and Elite levels).

Train the Ergonomics Evaluator Leading to a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist

Our online ergonomic evaluation HOW TO course is unique in the ergonomics marketplace! We are hands-down the best e-learning training focused on guided practice leading to independent performance of a valid ergonomic evaluation methodology. Learn from a veteran in the field, Alison Heller-Ono to enhance your career and impact your organization's health, safety and productivity!
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Here is a Glimpse of What You Will Learn

Our curriculum will guide you to a new level of professionalism!

  • 1

    Orientation to Train the Ergonomics Evaluator: An Online Certification Course

    • A message from Alison Heller-Ono, the course introduction

    • How to use this course portal

    • The Course Agenda: Week by Week

    • Course Introduction Handout: follow along

    • Read Worksite International Ergonomics Process Software and Forms Set License

    • Accept License Agreement to Continue

    • Course Disclaimer

    • Our "Success" Guarantee

    • Required: Take your preliminary course survey to set your goals!

    • How to Photograph Employees for Ergonomic Evaluations; Photo Release

  • 2

    Module #1: Your Role and Your Organization's Ergonomics Program

    • Module 1 Lecture: Your Role and Your Organization's Ergonomics Program

    • Module 1 Slidedeck: Getting Started: Your Role and Your Organization's Ergonomics Program

    • Module 1: The Essential Guide to Becoming an Office Ergonomics Specialist

    • Module 1_Assignment #1: Your Commitment Pledge as an Office Ergonomics Specialist

    • Module 1_Assignment #2: Benchmark Your Injury Statistics

    • Module 1: Ergonomic Principles Every Business Needs to Know

    • Module 1: Test your learning

    • Module 1: References and Resources

  • 3

    Module #2: Essential Principles in Ergonomics

    • Module 2: Video Lecture- Essential Principles in Ergonomics

    • Module 2 Slide Desk: Essential Principles in Ergonomics

    • Module 2_Assignment #3: What is Ergonomics

    • Module 2_ Assignment #4: Ergonomic Risk Factors

    • Module 2-Assignment #5: High Risk Jobs

    • Module 2: Test your learning

    • Module 2: References and Resources

  • 4

    Ergo-Coaching with Alison: Module 1 and 2 Q&A

    • Content Review: Psychosocial and organizational risk factors; understanding signs and symptoms; sneak peek at evaluation form

  • 5

    Module #3: Ergonomic Analysis Techniques

    • Module 3 Video Lecture: Ergonomic Analysis Techniques

    • Module 3 Slide Deck and Lesson Resources: Ergonomic Analysis Techniques

    • Module 3-Assignment #6: Create Your Own Photo Journal

    • Module 3- Assignment #7: Using Anthropometry for Fit

    • Module 3 Required Video: Common Anthropometric Office Measures and Their Significance

    • Module 3: Resources and References

    • Module 3: No Quiz this week!

  • 6

    Module #4: The Worksite International 5 Step Methodology for Preventive Ergo Evaluations

    • Module 4 Video Lecture: The Worksite International Five Step Methodology

    • Module 4 Slide Deck and Lesson Resources: The Worksite International Five Step Methodology

    • Module 4-Assignment #8: Actual Sit and Stand Measures

    • Module 4: Resources and Learning Enhancements

    • Module 4: Test your learning

  • 7

    Ergo-Coaching with Alison: Module 3 and 4 Q&A

    • Content Review: Anthropometry and how to use it; Video Analysis

  • 8

    Module #5: Identify, Select and Prescribe Ergonomic Product and Solutions

    • Module 5 Video Lecture: Identify, Select and Prescribe Ergonomic Product Solutions

    • Module 5 Slide Deck: Identify, Select and Prescribe Ergonomic Product Solutions

    • Module 5-Assignment #9: Ergonomic Accessory Inventory Worksheet

    • Module 5: Product Knowledge: Chair Samples and How to Adjust

    • Module 5: Product Knowledge Discussion- Sit to Stand Desk Converters: Evaluate the Differences

    • Module 5: Product Knowledge: Pointing Device Differences

    • Module 5: Resources and References

    • Product offer from Prestige International 5% off purchases

    • Required: Mid-Way Through Course Survey

  • 9

    Module #6: Writing up Your Ergonomic Evaluation Report (on the WI Ergo Eval System)

    • Module 6 Video Lecture: Writing Up Your Ergonomic Evaluation Report

    • Module 6 Slide Deck: Writing Up Your Ergonomic Evaluation Report (with the WI Ergo Eval System)

    • Module 6: The Worksite International System of Ergonomic Evaluation Templates

    • Module 6- Assignment #10 Interview and Observation Practice

  • 10

    Ergo-Coaching with Alison: Module 5 and 6 Q&A

    • TTEE Coaching #3 What Do I Carry In My Ergo Evaluation Bag?

  • 11

    Module #7: Quick Fixes, Job Aides and Employee/Supervisor Accountability

    • Module 7 Video Lecture: Quick Fixes, Job Aides and Employee/Supervisor Accountability

    • Module 7 Slide Deck: Quick Fixes, Job Aides and Employee/Supervisor Accountability

    • Module 7- Assignment #11 Summarize your findings and recommendations

    • Module 7- Assignment #12 Employee Safe Work Practices

    • Module 7: Additional Resources- Quick Fix Guide, Employee and Supervisor Job Aides

    • Module 7: References and Resources

    • Get Ready for Final Week of TTEE

  • 12

    Module #8: Ten Principles; Course Completion and COESp criteria

    • Module 8 Video Lesson: Ten Principles, Course Completion and COESp Criteria

    • Module 8 Slide Deck: Ten Principles, Course Completion and COESp Criteria

    • Module 8: Final Test Your Knowledge

    • Module 8: Test Your Knowledge Case Study

    • Module 8: Assignment #13- Write a Complete Report on the TTEE Preventive Evaluation Template

    • Now, take your course completion survey

    • All Physical Therapists, Please take this course completion survey

  • 13

    Ergo-Coaching with Alison #4: Case Study: What Caused the Wrist Injury?

    • TTEE Coaching #4

  • 14

    Next steps: Becoming a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp)

    • Advanced and Elite COESp Mentorship Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get CEUs for this course?

    Yes, if you are a Physical Therapist in California, this course is now approved for 1.6 CEUs. Other specialities/professional disciplines should be able to submit for individual credit but it is important for you to contact your state licensing board or professional credentialing board for information regarding policies and the amount of continuing education credits needed.

  • How many hours is this course?

    The Basic course is designed to be presented live for 60-90 minutes once a week for 8 weeks (8 hours approximately). With small group coaching every 2-weeks for one hour each (4 hours total). Add homework and the Basic course is estimated to take about 16 hours to earn a Certificate of Completion. Advanced and Elite enrollment will add additional 2-6 hours of mentoring to estimated course time, not including your time in completing evaluations.

  • What date and time does the course take place?

    The TTEE course will be presented live on Zoom and is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, January 14 at 11:00am-12:00pm followed by (optional) Q&A session for 15-30 minutes. We will do our best to stay on schedule. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the learning portal within 12-24 hours of the session so you can catch up on what you missed. The last session will be on March 6, 2020.

  • When is the small group coaching?

    Four small group coaching sessions are included and will also take place on Zoom. These are offered as an adjunct to the Tuesday lessons. They are scheduled every 2 weeks from 11am -12pm (tentatively). Your attendance is strongly encouraged but if you can't make it, a recording will be uploaded to the training portal. During this time, we will discuss assignments, case studies, questions, look at products and address other timely issues you might have. This is a great time to use my expertise to help you with anything ergo related you need assistance with so we can all benefit.

  • Can I take the Basic course and earn my COESp later?

    Yes, provided you enroll in the certificate program within 12 months of your training registration. Contact us for pricing if you want to be certified as a COESp after you earn your Certificate of Completion.

  • Can the Train the Ergonomics Evaluator be presented live and onsite for a company to develop a team of ergonomic evaluators?

    Yes, in the past we always did the training live and for clients on location. If you want to bring this course in-house, give us a call to work out the details for you.

  • Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

    We stand behind our training and products 100% because we know they work when you take action and use them in the way intended. Based on our decades of experience in the ergonomics industry, we are confident that if you complete the training, follow the steps to use the Worksite International System of Ergonomic Evaluation, pass your Knowledge Exams and implement the advice of your coach, then you will be better trained than you are today!

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Changes or cancellations are available within 14 days of starting the course. You'll need to have a good reason. But we understand, life gets in the way sometimes. You can defer your training to the next session if you realize this course won't fit into your current schedule. You can also transfer the course to another person in your organization. If you must cancel entirely, we will refund your investment minus 25% cancellation fee.

Social proof: testimonials

Our Students Say It Best!

Solve Workers Concerns

Iris Yunxia W., MPH, CIH, CHMM Global Occupational Health & Safety Program Manager Real Estate Operations

Train the Ergonomics Evaluator Training taught me how to systematically and logically conduct ergonomic evaluations by using Anthropometrics to measure and match the work area to the worker, identify and recommend proper workstation set ups for different users in different work environment. The Certification and Mentorship program allowed me to use real world examples as cases to learn how to solve real workers concerns and provide solutions. Alison is very knowledgeable, patient, and a sincere mentor. I will recommend this program to everyone who has an interest or need to conduct ergonomic evaluation.

Confident to Perform Evaluations

Jenny P., West Valley Staffing

Alison is very professional and you can really tell this is her passion! I have learned a great deal from her and can walk away saying i feel confident in addressing ergonomic needs!

A Valuable Experience

Stephen W. H., MS, CIH, CSP, CLSO, FAIHATM Occupational Health, Safety and Ergonomics Advisor

I am very glad to have had the opportunity to take the Train the Ergonomics Evaluator Course. It has been a valuable experience that has helped me improve the quality of our office ergonomic assessments. The handout materials are of excellent quality, and I will be referring to them moving forward. I think that the certification is very important -- not because of the certification itself -- but because obtaining it requires one to put into practice what one has learned during the course.

Streamline Documentation

Stacy V., Mgr, Environmental Health & Safety Corporate Environmental Health & Safety

This course provided a practical approach to office ergonomics that can be applied immediately after the course. The 1:1 mentoring time with Alison is very valuable when reviewing your ergonomic evaluations. It has forced me to look at how I approach certain solutions, but even more importantly, has encouraged me to streamline my documentation.

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