Our Chair Fit Training provides you with:

  • Self-paced, on-demand learning modules with in depth video lessons regarding all you’ll need to know to conduct an ergonomic chair fittings in the workplace
  • Exercises to practice and build your confidence and skill in performing a chair fitting for any individual regardless of the reason
  • Worksite International’s Chair Fitting System to include our Chair Fit Request Form, Chair Fitting Evaluation Report(s) and Chair Fitting Database and Dashboard for analytic reports.
  • Exceptional instructional video and educational resources to validate and enhance your learning experience
  • Two live small group coaching Q&A sessions with your instructor, Alison Heller-Ono MSPT, CDA, CASp, CIE, CPE
  • Access to our private LinkedIn Chair Assessment Training group to share your thoughts, questions and interact with your colleagues with the same interests as you
  • Unlimited access to the Chair Fit Training and forms for one year

When you complete the course completion exam, you'll receive your Certificate of Completion in Chair Fit Training using the Worksite International Chair Fit System.

You'll get all this for one payment of $497.00 or two consecutive payment of $279.00. 

An annual renewal of $97.00 will assure you maintain your access to the latest chair fit resources.

Why Learn How To Do a Chair Fitting?

If you evaluate and/or buy chairs for employees, it is your responsibility to prescribe and source the correct fitting chair, whether new or used................. every time!

Chair Fit is an Essential Part of the Chair Life Cycle

Stop guessing at what chairs to buy based on price or a picture in a catalogue....

Start selecting the right chairs for your employees by using a valid, objective methodology based on the principles of human measures and fit. Whether it's for one or many, you'll have the strategy and the knowledge to know what to buy every time.

A WorthWhile Investment From Our Clients!

A Systematic Process for Assessing Chairs

Sara Taylor Eggleston, Disability Manager- Structured Health Resources, Inc.

“The chair assessment training was exceptionally organized and delivered. I was so impressed by the extent of information and expertise Alison brought to the learning process. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to create a systematic process for assessing chairs or for just broadening their professional knowledge of chairs. Great training Alison!”

What You Will Learn

  • 1

    Chair Fit Training Course Orientation

  • 2

    Module 1: Introduction to Chair Selection and Fitting

    • Welcome! Before you get started: Watch this video about course expectations.

    • Introduction to Module 1: About the Chair Selection and Fit Methodology

    • Lesson 1: Anthropometry: What is it and why it is important

    • Lesson 2: BIFMA Ultimate Guide for Fit

    • Lesson 3: Chair profiling: employee preferences help to select chair style

    • Lesson 4: How to perform a chair fitting; employee and chair measurements

    • Video Instruction for Chair Fit Measures and Methods

    • Chair Fit Procedure: A Quick Review

    • Lesson 5: Chair selection based on stature for petite, average, big and tall

    • Lesson 6: Chair selection for functional tasks and jobs

    • See Module 3 for Chair Fit System: Download All Files

    • Additional Resources and Reading

  • 3

    Module 2: Chair Warranty and Return on Investments (ROI)

    • Module 2: Introduction- Chairs Matter!

    • Lesson 1: Investing in your Chairs; The ROI of Chairs

    • Lesson 2: Chair Warranty - Use it or Lose It

    • Lesson 3: Chair Recall Notices

    • Lesson 4: Chair Adjustment Instructions for your Employees; Chair Accountability.

    • Lesson 5: Setting up a chair lab; Onsite trials and end of course

    • Reading and Chair Assessment and Fit Video Resources

    • Test Your Chair Fit Knowledge for Your Certificate of Completion

    • Chair Fit Training Exit Survey: Please tell us your thoughts on this course.

  • 4

    Module 3: Chair Fit System Download Your Forms and Tools

    • Chair Assessment, Selection and Fit Procedure

    • Chair Fit Request Form

    • Ergonomic Chair Fitting Diagram

    • Chair Fitting Evaluation Report templates (2)

    • Sample Chair Fitting Recommendation Report (no lab/lab)

    • Chair Fit Tracking Database

Two Pricing Options to Choose From

Purchase the chair fit course for a one time payment or pay over two months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I learn how to do a chair fitting?

    Being able to help an employee with their chair is a valuable and rewarding experience for you and them! Learning the correct methodology to perform a chair fitting will assure you and your employees or clients of the best fit every time. Our chair fit methodology helps you to match the right chair based on the user's stature and sitting preferences.

  • What do I get with the Chair Fit training?

    Inside the chair fit training are instructional videos full of helpful information and technique demonstrations by Alison Heller-Ono, Certified Chair Assessment Specialist. Alison will take you step by step using the Worksite International Chair Fit methodology and forms.

  • Will I be certified after I take the Chair Fit training?

    Upon successful completion of the training and the requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Chair Fit Training. If you want to be certified as a Chair Assessment Specialist (CASp), you need to take both the Chair Assessment Training and the Chair Fit Training in our Masterclass series. Upon completion of both classes and the requirements, then you will be certified as a CASp.

  • Is a chair fitting complicated?

    It can be, depending on the employee's needs! Our methodology encourages you to use a tape measure to validate your recommendations to assure the best fit and match of employee to the selected chair. Understanding percentiles, using a tape measure and a little bit of math confidence is necessary for a successful fitting.

  • How does the Chair Fit Program fit in with my Ergonomics Program?

    If your employer offers ergonomic evaluations, then performing a chair fitting is an essential part of the ergonomics process. Chairs are foundational to seated work and good ergonomics! If the chair isn't right, the ergonomics of seated work will never be correct!

  • Will I save money as a result of the Chair Fit training?

    You bet you will! Because you won't be wasting your money on chairs that don't fit your employees. Not only that, you are likely to reduce the number of seated work injuries at your organization! There is a significant return on investment when you buy good chairs and we will cover that in our training.

  • Does the course include a guarantee or warranty?

    We stand behind our training and products 100% because we know they work when you take action and use them in the way intended. Based on our decades of experience in the ergonomics industry, we are confident that if you complete the training, follow the steps to use the Chair Assessment and Fit System, pass your Knowledge Exams and implement the advice of your coach, then you will be better trained than you are today! In addition, our courses include our exclusive Chair Assessment and Fit license which offers additional warranties and legal guidelines for your success.

Your Ergonomic Chair Fit Tools

Included with your training is our unique set of forms, database and dashboard to track all aspects of your Chair Fitting Program.

  • Chair Fit Procedure

    You'll receive our unique chair fit procedure including how to conduct a "chair profile" interview based on employee sitting preferences to help you guide you to the correct chair for each employee you fit.

  • Chair Fitting Forms

    You'll receive our Chair Fitting forms which includes your Chair Fit Evaluation template as well as the Chair Request form employees can complete and submit to you in advance to assist in preparing for the chair fitting.

  • Chair Fit Database and Dashboard

    Our Chair Fit Database and Dashboard will allow you to track the results of each chair fitting, the chairs you purchase as a result and their costs along with other features to keep track of your return on investment of this important asset.

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About Alison Heller-Ono MSPT, CDA, CASp, CIE, CPE

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Alison Heller-Ono

Alison Heller-Ono is a pioneer in the field of consulting ergonomics having started Worksite International, Inc. in 1993. Alison brings a unique perspective and approach to workplace ergonomics as a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Physical Therapist and Disability Analyst. You can read more about Alison at www.worksiteinternational.com.