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Our 8-week curriculum will guide you to a new level of professionalism as an Office Ergonomics Specialist for your organization. Immerse yourself further in our advanced or elite coaching and mentorship opportunities.

  • Enroll at the Beginner Level (Regular Price) to earn a Certificate of Completion demonstrating mastery of basic ergonomic evaluation concepts.

  • Enroll at the Advance Level to earn your Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (COESp) credential after completing your mentorship with Alison Heller-Ono.

  • Enroll at the Elite Level to earn your COESp while being mentored in ergonomics process design, business development or areas you need the most assistance with.

  • Take a deep dive with Alison, as she teaches you an objective, valid assessment method you can use at any type of computer workstation.

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The Value of Investing in Your Self and Your Career

As a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist

Our Course is Chock Full of Features and Benefits

No matter what level you enroll in!

Train the Ergonomics Evaluator will challenge you to develop and advance your skills as an Office Ergonomics Specialist. And we will be here for you through your entire journey with our exceptional coaching and mentorship program.

Become Your Organization's Ergo-Insider or Demonstrate Your Value to Your Clients as a Consulting Office Ergo-Specialist

Be the go-to-person in your organization or for your clients. Support employees and ancillary staff with all things related to office ergonomics.

Our 8-Module Online Course Framework

Will transform you into a competent and confident office ergonomics specialist

All students go through our 8-module, self-paced program independently. Each module will introduce new concepts and practice sessions. You will build your knowledge, problem solving abilities and assessment skills to complete an office ergonomic evaluation using our system. Ultimately becoming a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist (Advanced and Elite levels).

Train the Ergonomics Evaluator is loaded with value!

You'll have access to the TTEE self-paced course plus your mentorship for Advanced and Elite students, along with these additional bonus courses valued at over $2000.00.

Your course bundle includes our coaching library filled with over 7 hours of additional learning. Our step by step video guide with Alison's easy to implement Five Step methodology and measuring techniques. Plus two virtual seminars to further enhance your learning.
The TTEE Self-paced course bundle

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Our Students Say It Best!

I was totally transformed by this course!

Ruth D., Project Manager, UVA

After finishing the course, I can tell the training achieved my goals and have enhanced my knowledge and career in ergonomics. I thank Alison so much for helping me learning how to be a real Office Ergonomics Specialist. I especially love how she always explained her materials in minor details, pictures and real life examples that would allow the material to make more logical sense to us and always gave us something to relate the session to. I was totally transformed by this course! Because of Alison's help, I realized I want to further my knowledge and education in Ergonomics.

I'm now a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist!

Erin H., Human Resource Manager, Restpadd, Inc.

I am a life-long learner. This course is so interesting! I learned so much about correct office ergonomics. I could have saved so many wrists from carpal tunnel if I had learned sooner! Learning about every single thing that one uses on a daily basis in an office and how to properly adjust and teach others is a great skill to have. I encourage others to learn more about Office Ergonomics and take Worksite International's Train the Ergonomics Evaluator!

Solve Workers Concerns

Iris Yunxia W., MPH, CIH, CHMM Global Occupational Health & Safety Program Manager Real Estate Operations

Train the Ergonomics Evaluator Training taught me how to systematically and logically conduct ergonomic evaluations by using Anthropometrics to measure and match the work area to the worker, identify and recommend proper workstation set ups for different users in different work environment. The Certification and Mentorship program allowed me to use real world examples as cases to learn how to solve real workers concerns and provide solutions. Alison is very knowledgeable, patient, and a sincere mentor. I will recommend this program to everyone who has an interest or need to conduct ergonomic evaluation.

Confident to Perform Evaluations

Jenny P., West Valley Staffing

Alison is very professional and you can really tell this is her passion! I have learned a great deal from her and can walk away saying i feel confident in addressing ergonomic needs!

A Valuable Experience

Stephen W. H., MS, CIH, CSP, CLSO, FAIHATM Occupational Health, Safety and Ergonomics Advisor

I am very glad to have had the opportunity to take the Train the Ergonomics Evaluator Course. It has been a valuable experience that has helped me improve the quality of our office ergonomic assessments. The handout materials are of excellent quality, and I will be referring to them moving forward. I think that the certification is very important -- not because of the certification itself -- but because obtaining it requires one to put into practice what one has learned during the course.

Streamline Documentation

Stacy V., Mgr, Environmental Health & Safety Corporate Environmental Health & Safety

This course provided a practical approach to office ergonomics that can be applied immediately after the course. The 1:1 mentoring time with Alison is very valuable when reviewing your ergonomic evaluations. It has forced me to look at how I approach certain solutions, but even more importantly, has encouraged me to streamline my documentation.

A Wealth of Information

Meg M., Physical Therapy, Kaiser Permanente NCA

There is a wealth of information presented during the 8 week, Train the Ergonomic Evaluator online course. I consider myself very experienced in performing ergonomic evaluations, and found Alison's course thoroughly detailed and interesting. The course emphasizes anthropometric measurements, risk factors and constructive solutions to office work stations. Reviewing the current trends in ergonomic products was especially helpful. The format of lecture presentation, participant interaction and coaching worked well. I appreciated that lectures were recorded for flexibility. Alison has a great teaching style and is able to share her expert knowledge in the online format. I would recommend this course to any physical therapist who wants to learn about ergonomics or improve their current evaluation skills.

Course Content is On Point!

William E., Chief Information Officer, CSVS

The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and the course content is informative and on point. The availability of coaching and mentorship sessions are an added plus to promote full understanding of the concepts. I would truly recommend for any manager or supervisor within an organization to assist in fostering a "we care about our employees work-space/workplace comfort" culture.

I've Learned the "Why" of Ergonomics

John H., Director Risk Consulting, Everest Insurance Company

Having done office ergonomics for 35+ years, this class has taught me some of the "why" or background to solutions. That is important and I am better armed now to A) work directly with policyholders and B) quality review my third party providers that perform these evaluations on behalf of Everest and C) allows me to be more exact with giving guidance to those that need it. A great class that is allowing me to continue to progress and learn continually.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get CEUs for this course?

    Yes, if you are a Physical Therapist in California, this course is now approved for 1.6 CEUs. Other specialities/professional disciplines should be able to submit for individual credit but it is important for you to contact your state licensing board or professional credentialing board for information regarding policies and the amount of continuing education credits needed.

  • How many hours is this course?

    The Basic course offers eight progressive modules, with each building on the other. Each video lesson is about 90 minutes long. Weekly homework assignments are submitted and reviewed to build your foundation. We meet half-way through for coaching to see how you are doing with the course The Basic course is estimated to take about 16-20 hours to earn a Certificate of Completion. Advanced enrollment will add additional 4-6 hours of mentoring to estimated course time, not including your time in completing evaluations. Elite level offers additional four hours of one: one mentorship and support when requested.

  • What date and time does the course take place?

    The TTEE course is now self-passed and "evergreen", ready to start when you are. We will make it available to the public in April 2020. Be sure to sign up on our mailing list to receive announcements for enrollment, which will be limited.

  • When is the coaching offered?

    This course offers two personal coaching sessions, 30 minutes each. One after you complete module 4 and another when you complete module 8. The course includes access to over 8 previously recorded coaching sessions where Alison discusses assignments, case studies, questions, looks at products and other topics to advance your training.

  • How does the mentorship work?

    Students who enroll in the Advanced training will receive two additional one: one video coaching sessions with Alison upon completion of the Basic-Beginners course. The Elite training offers four additional one:one mentoring sessions for those who want more in depth consultation, evaluation support, or business coaching to launch their ergonomics service line.

  • Can I take the Beginner course and earn my COESp later?

    Yes, provided you enroll in the certificate program within 12 months of your training registration. Contact us for pricing if you want to be certified as a COESp after you earn your Certificate of Completion.

  • Can the Train the Ergonomics Evaluator be presented live and onsite for a company to develop a team of ergonomic evaluators?

    Yes, in the past we always did the training live and for clients on location. If you want to bring this course in-house, give us a call to work out the details for you.

  • Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

    We stand behind our training and products 100% because we know they work when you take action and use them in the way intended. Based on our decades of experience in the ergonomics industry, we are confident that if you complete the training, follow the steps to use the Worksite International System of Ergonomic Evaluation, pass your Knowledge Exams and implement the advice of your coach, then you will be better trained than you are today!

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Changes or cancellations are available within 14 days of starting the course. You'll need to have a good reason. But we understand, life gets in the way sometimes. You can defer your training to the next session if you realize this course won't fit into your current schedule. You can also transfer the course to another person in your organization. If you must cancel entirely, we will refund your investment minus 25% cancellation fee.

I have a few questions about the course before I enroll.

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Alison Heller-Ono MSPT, CDA, CASp, COESp, CPE

President and CEO Alison Heller-Ono

Alison Heller-Ono is a pioneer in the field of consulting ergonomics having started Worksite International, Inc. in 1993. Alison brings a unique perspective and approach to workplace ergonomics as a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Physical Therapist and Disability Analyst. You can read more about Alison at