Over 80% of microscope users report pain!

Are you one of them?

Over 80 percent of  employees who use a microscope for more than 5 hours per day report job related musculoskeletal pain in the head, neck, lower back, and arms.
Microscope user

How you will benefit from this course

In addition to The ABC's of Laboratory Ergonomics, which gives you a foundation in laboratory ergonomics. This targeted training on microscope ergonomics gives you in-depth analysis and strategies on how to manage and improve microscope use in the lab. Eliminate pain with microscope use for good!

  • Why microscope ergonomics is essential to your daily routine.

  • How to setup your microscope with neutral posture.

  • Learn the importance of microscope design.

  • Essential work practices every scientist needs when using a microscope.

  • And much more with valuable bonuses you can use right away

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